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Zhejiang Helowin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 134 million. Since its establishment, the chairman Sun Bin, the founder of Helowin, has led all the people in the company to make professional medical and health management services enjoyed by thousands of households, with the purpose of building a health bridge between doctors and patients. After 12 years of forging ahead, Helowin has become a national high-tech enterprise integrating "wireless intelligent data collection terminal research and development + medical health big data cloud platform construction + medical health service mining", whose business mode has been extended from B2B to B2B2C and B2C modes.

The company undertook the national scientific supporting plan subject “development of remote wireless portable multi parameter ECG monitor” and “Technology development of low power wireless sensor node products in medical body area network” of special research on the development of the Internet of Things of the Ministry of Industry and Information of the 12th Five-Year plan, the “innovation and application of information technology supporting health care industry” for industrial transformation and upgrading in 2016, and the Demonstration product catalog (First Batch) for national made innovation medical device application based on ‘Internet +’, which is the key R&D project of the 13th Five-Year Plan of 2018; and the company has obtained nearly a hundred national patents and has been awarded national high-tech technology enterprise, Zhejiang provincial key enterprise institute and Zhejiang high-tech enterprise R&D center.

Strong platform R&D strength; With profound technical advantages, the company has successively developed various platforms, such as the international telemedicine platform, "995120" health cloud, the life guardian platform safeguarding the "9.3" military parade of 2015, the chronic disease management platform and the regional ECG cloud platform, facing terminal-B and terminal-C users, and provided resource support for multi-dimensional users covering government, hospital, basic medical institute, family and individual.

Rapid development of the big data and the artificial intelligence; based on current situation of clinical first aid of grassroots medical institutions, the company gathered chief medical and IT specialists and developed emergency triage, diagnosis and disposal auxiliary system, and provided timely and precise AI auxiliary emergency first aid for grassroots medical institutes, which could effectively solve the problem of lacking of clinical emergency first air resource and improve the homogenization level of grassroots medical quality; the company has accumulated 16T ECG database of patients and its ECG automatic analysis and diagnosis algorithm developed after ten years effort on the basis of big data, has realized the automatic diagnosis for routine 12 lead electrocardiogram, covering 30 categories and 204 sub-items, which is one of a few domestic systems satisfying clinical ECG report writing specification, second order dynamic ECG report and automatic generation of ECG feature description, and it can rapidly, professionally and precisely provide remove AI diagnosis for grassroots medical institutes, extending to family and individual; at present, it can realize county level chief physician diagnostic level; the ECG Brain to be promoted is in a leading position at both home and abroad, and can effectively solve the bottleneck problem of lack of medical resources.

Remote intelligent acquisition of terminal data; All kinds of wireless intelligent wearable devices have passed the national scientific and technological achievement appraisal, obtained the Class II production license and registration certificate for medical devices, and been identified as the first unit (set) in the key fields of Zhejiang equipment manufacturing industry; the products can simultaneously collect ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, respiration, pulse rate, body temperature, body motion, heart sound at many dimensions, with high integration, nanowatt-level ultra-low power consumption and efficient embedded integration algorithm, which effectively solved the problem of accurate collection of the last mile of data for hospital, grassroots medical institute EMR and regional health information HER.

International remote consultation platforms down transmission; National Center for telemedicine and Internet medicine, and Telemedicine management and training center of the national health and Family Planning Commission have been settled in China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Helowin undertook the establish of remote medical platform. It was awarded the "National Telemedicine Application Demonstration Base" in 2018, thus it can access to the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Mayo Clinic and other high quality resources by the National Telemedicine and Internet Medicine Center. The platforms have more than 3,000 hospitals in 32 provinces and cities in China, have more than 20,000 physician resource above the attending physician title and provide 64 disciplines and 12 national-level clinical key specialties services. It has developed remote medical service and education training together with China-Japan Friendship Hospital, so as to provide excellent medical and education resource for grassroots medical institutes and provide customized professional medical and health service for people.

Clear layout of business mode; At present, the company is making the strategic transformation from B2B to B2B2C and B2C business modes, and has deep cooperation with Huawei, Ali, Ping An, etc. The business mode for C-terminal users has been formed. For the B2B2C mode, taking the integration advantages of "wireless intelligent terminal + big data cloud platform + artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis + national-level telemedicine", the company down transmits the collection, inspection and diagnosis, to help the government implement basic public health service content, and has obtained good economic and wide social benefits; For the B2C mode, taking the advantages of company platform + product + algorithm, the company provides cloud health management services for C-terminal users; For the smart family and personal health management, the company has strong C-terminal health management strength and resources, participates in the preparation of smart healthy elderly care service standards of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health Commission. The chronic disease management platform and intelligent terminal equipment developed are selected into the Smart Healthy Elderly Care Products and Promotion Catalog (Version 2018) of above three departments. The new generation of non-inductive intelligent care instrument, using radar, pulse, infrared and other technologies, can effectively solve smart family and personal health management issues. The solution was written into the Blue Book of Smart Elderly Care in China in 2014. In 2017, the company was awarded the "Demonstration and Pilot Enterprise for Smart Healthy Elderly Care Application" by the three departments.

The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit. As an advocate and pioneer of China's medical IOT enterprises, Helowin will continue to improve the company character and service quality, and be committed to building the most professional Internet + medical health platform in China in the spirit of "Iron Belief, Iron Belief, Iron Discipline and Iron Responsibility", to allow the Internet + medical health platform to enter thousands of households, solve problems for the country and benefit the people!


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